LAMOLEN®-type Troug moulding system provides with economic and functional solutions for the construction of one-way rib flooring. Mass production in all sizes enables a fast and safe service opportunity. Civil engineers in our technical team provide consultancy service with preliminary design and cost efficient dimensioning.
LAMOLEN®-type troug moulds are produced to remove unwanted consequences caused by the fact that all of the materials used in the market to create one-way rib floor remain in the concrete.
The polystyrene foam troug materials that are frequently used in the current situation should be covered with fireproof plaster since they pose a risk of fire. In particular, even though fireproof plaster is applied in high-rise buildings, fire regulation prohibits the use of this material.
In addition, the plaster adherence-enhancing file application to the bottom is also another cost.
The other filling materials brick, pumice and gas concrete materials lead to additional load and sub-mould needs, besides they need to be re-purchased in every mould such as polystyrene foam and taken on the mould because all other materials are disposable.
Along with all the advantages we have mentioned in features, LAMOLEN® mould is a safe and the most economical moulding system with a sustainable economic benefit that removes these disadvantages of all other materials with the high number of use, ease of labor, repair and renovation possibilities.



•       Produced in 5 standard depths and 10 types.
•       The service life of a mould is up to 100 or more uses depending on the usage.
•       A high interlocking feature for the convenience of storage and transportation
•       Light, durable, and user-friendly.
•       Available on short lead times, daily production is 300-500 pcs.
•       Saves concrete up to 60% compared to floor plates
•       Suitable for being used in high-temperature environments
•       Made completely of plastics. Contains no iron, wood and other reinforcement profiles.
•       Resistant to heat, humidity, construction chemicals, UV lights of the sun and other external factors.
•       Easy to assemble, carry, install and disassemble
•       Requires no air pressure for disassembling, it is manually disassembled.
•       All our products are 100% recyclable.
•       The arising clearance provides heat and sound insulation.
•       Penetrating through ventilation ducts
•       No piping is required before concrete casting for the electricity wiring. Interstitial spaces can be used for installation. Lighting luminaries can be built in
        clearances at this stage. These clearances can be used for heating and sanitary ware pass and waste water installation.
•       LAMOLEN®, as well as all other products of Lam Plastik, saves LEED points as it is environment-friendly.