Our company was established in Istanbul in 2002 to produce concrete covers and mould accessories.  In 2004, it decided to produce   moulds designed for ribbed floors that have a wide range of usage in the construction industry.
The needs and requirements of moulds used for ribbed flooring systems were satisfied with Glass Reinforced Polyester (CRT) materials for a long time. We have already initiated product advancement works to eliminate disadvantages of these materials both in use and even after usage. Conducting a collaborative study on design and product development states with Istanbul Technical University, we are dedicated to design products eligible to meet needs and wants of the fast-growing construction industry in a cost effective and functional way.
Our factory came into operation in Corlu, Tekirdag in 2011, and all products are manufactured in our facilities and premises.  We established a laboratory in Corlu factory to conduct further studies concentrating on quality standards of our outputs and productions as per the intended climatic conditions.



Vision / Mission
To develop competitive and added-value products to ensure that design and production of materials and equipment respond to any specific needs and wants of the construction industry wherein our company is particularly assertive; to provide high speed and cost efficient  logistic service to the companies to enable them to improve their quality and speed up in the light of our short and long-term targets.

To produce high quality and added-value products with no concessions on quality & sustainability standards with the help of our people that respect human resources and environment with self-awareness of next generations' right to live.